Are you a working parent wanting healthier homemade options or a hobby baker looking to master the art of sourdough bread baking without all the confusion and overwhelm? If so you're in the right place!

  • Maybe you've already experimented with baking sourdough bread - with humorous or even disastrous results (we've ALL been there!).
  • Perhaps you joined a local class where so much time was spent on the science of sourdough it made your head spin!
  • Or worse you were told you that you needed to buy a long list of expensive tools and special equipment.

Home Baked Sourdough Facts You



  • Sourdough is Easier to Digest

    Sourdough bread is made from dough that contains live wild yeasts which do some of the digesting for you. This often results in less digestive distress and irritability for many who might normally shy away from store-bought breads and baked goods.
  • Sourdough is NOT Necessarily Sour

    Because sourdough bread begins as a fermented food - just like sauerkraut, kefir, pickles, and kombucha, it can often taste more sour than your typical yeast breads. But this can vary depending on the starter and the process you use. The end result can be either mild or tangy.
  • Sourdough is NOT Gluten-Free

    Sourdough is not Gluten-Free and isn't suitable for everyone with Celiac or Crohn's's Disease (IBD), or those with severe forms of IBS. Those with milder gluten sensitivities may be able to tolerate sourdough better than conventional yeast breads. Proceed with caution!

3 Myths Sabotaging Your Sourdough Success

Sourdough Myth #1

Baking Sourdough Bread is a time consuming process

While it's true that it can take anywhere from 8-36 hours to finish a loaf of sourdough bread, most of that time is hands-off where the dough is doing all the work on it's own. Your hands-on time is usually less than 30 minutes in total!

Sourdough Myth #2

Baking Sourdough Bread is a complicated process

While it's true that there is prep work and maintenance of your starter, the process of taking dough to delicious is fairly straightforward. Plus, my students can rely on my proven step-by-step method that makes the whole process super simple.

Sourdough Myth #3

Sourdough Bread needs special tools + equipment

Aside from a simple kitchen scale (which you might already have!) any additional equipment is just a nice to have. My method will show you how to bake great sourdough without a dutch oven or any of the usual recommended tools.

"Sarah is a self-taught master of her craft. Her understanding of baking and the the process of creating sourdough is truly impressive. It was an honor to have her teach me the art of sourdough. "

Kim Kushner
Cookbook Author

"I started baking sourdough bread over a year ago, following a recipe and instructions given by a Sourdough Recipe Book I purchased online. When I heard about Sarah’s course, I wanted to learn some new techniques and see if I could improve the quality of the sourdough bread I was making, and perfect my sourdough skills. The course was wonderful, and I left with full of inspiration and ideas to progress and improve my sourdough baking. I learned a lot of useful information about creating and managing a starter. Sarah is a fantastic instructor she clearly described the steps you need to follow. Thanks to Sarah I now make wonderful sourdough loaves with ease. This course was exactly what I needed to get past my earlier starter and bread failures that I had tried on my own. Excellent course for sourdough beginners. Saves a person a lot of trial and error."

Goldy Tyrnauer
Former Student

"Sarah’s class was informative, fun and so delicious. Her clear demonstration and teaching style make you feel competent and confident. Her style is fun and enjoyable making the class a pleasure to attend. The sourdough workshop helped me kickstart a lifestyle change that has enhanced my whole family's wellness. I highly recommend it! As a working mom/professional with limited time for extensive culinary projects, I consider sourdough the easiest part of my weekly cooking. I learned the secrets to making sourdough bread baking work according to my schedule due to the excellent tips and tricks that Sarah taught me. It makes me look like I have it all figured out when I present my beautiful loaves as hostess gifts or to add to a homemade meal that I serve to guests when I host company, little do they know how easy the process became once I had the knowledge to make sourdough work with my lifestyle and time constraints."

Avigail Weiss
Former Student


Master the art of sourdough baking
at home... the easy way!.

Perhaps you've followed me on Instagram or we just met in my Live class. I am committed to ensuring is that you know that sourdough baking is absolutely within your ability and likely easier than you've imagined.

It doesn't have to be confusing or complicated, time-consuming, or demand tremendous effort or attention.

You CAN fit it into your busy lifestyle if you know how.

So forget all the failed recipes or flat, tough bread you may have created in the past. Going forward, as a student of The Sourdough Institute you'll have access to my simple method and a supportive community of fellow sourdough bakers.


THE SOURDOUGH INSTITUTE is the ONLY program of its kind that… 

  1. Doesn't rely on knowing complicated science and dough theory
  2. Doesn't require hours and hours of time and effort
  3. Doesn't need any special equipment beyond a common kitchen scale
  4. Allows you to learn at your own pace and at your own time with on demand videos
  5. Allows you to use one basic recipe to make a wide variety of breads, rolls, and sweets


So if you’re ready to finally Master the Art of Sourdough Baking while avoiding all the confusion and complication of old fashioned methods

It's time for you to enroll in The Sourdough Institute:

Module 1 

Understanding Sourdough Starter

This is where we get started on your journey to sourdough master. We'll introduce the concept of the Starter and explore the creation, care, and feeding of a healthy starter along with how to discard it if needed.

Module Highlights: 

  • Starting the Starter
  • How to use your scale
  • How to feed the Starter
Module 2 

Feeding, Maintaining, and Storing Starter

Once you've got your Starter started there are steps you can take to improve it, ensure it stores well when you're not baking, and get it ready for baking using alternative feeding methods.

Module Highlights:

  • When your Starter is ready
  • Storage + Maintenance
  • How feeding affects timing
Module 3 

Baking Sourdough Bread

In this module we'll take your Starter and turn it into a dough that will eventually become your delicious baked sourdough bread. We'll cover mixing, fermentation, stretch and fold, resting and rising. Then we'll score it, bake it, and eat it!

Module Highlights:

  • Going from Starter to dough
  • Resting, Shaping, and Rising
  • How to score and bake to perfection
Bonus Module

Beautiful Scoring

In this highly requested module you'll learn a variety of different scoring patterns that you can use to create varied and beautiful sourdough breads that will leave your friends and family in awe of your skill in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great questions asked by great sourdough students

It's okay if you have a "brown thumb!"I have all the aspects of Sourdough Bread covered for you in the course. You'll not only get step-by-step video instructions so you can SEE exactly what you should do, you'll have access to my extensive Q+A resources and a private community group for additional support and encouragement. We've got you!

Some classes and instructors like to focus on the science of the sourdough. And that can be fascinating - if that's of interest to you. But it's totally not necessary to creating a delicious loaf of bread. With The Sourdough Institute we emphasize process and not theory so your focus is on baking the bread, not understanding every aspect of the underlying science.

You can, or find a great local baker. But my best students join my course because they want to know exactly what's in the food they and their family are consuming. They want to experience the feeling of accomplishment that come with making your own food and feeding your loved ones and friends. We all know that handmade always tastes better!

Honestly, you'd be surprised how many people offer to pay me. And I've had students that have started small side businesses baking and selling their sourdough breads. While I don't teach that specifically in the course, you will definitely learn a skill that is absolutely in demand!

No! It's not a full-time job. Not even close. In fact, you can even go away on a long vacation and safely leave your Starter at home unattended. If you know how to prep and prepare it for an extended shelf time. And I show you how to do just that in Module 2 of the course!

Registration is currently closed and is expected to open again soon. Make sure to drop me your email address below and I will notify you as soon as it opens. 

Don't wait. The next registration will be the last in 2019 and will open only for a very limited time.

Although when you enroll you will gain access for life, most students would typically work through the course as the information is released after each enrollment. It is my top priority to make sure that all students are successful with the course, so instead of focusing on new sales I close cart and focus only on the students currently taking the course.


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I'm so excited to hear you are interested in The Sourdough Institute.
Sign up below to be the first to know when doors open again.