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The Sourdough Culture

Learn how to go from a sack of flour to an Insta-worthy loaf of authentic sourdough.

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Bread is the staff of life.
Get a taste for the real thing

Treasured for millenia, the lost art of sourdough has been making a popular comeback over the past few years. From the hipster bake shops to home artisans, it now commands premium shelf space in stores nationwide.

At Spice & Zest we’ve been teaching it all for years:
1. Fermenting your very own ‘starter’
2. Baking freeform and pan loaves
3. Advancing ‘scoring’ techniques

Sounds French to you? Don’t get all crusty about it! Over the past decade we have guided hundreds of newly-minted home bakers from “Ooh, that sounds like it could be interesting” to “Oh my god, I can’t believe I baked that!” If you are here, you are ready to join our community of proud artisans.

As with everything Spice & Zest, we want you to chill.
To take it easy. To follow the steps. To experiment when you feel like it. To relish the healthy life instead of worrying about someone else’s Instagram feed. That’s why we’ve created The Sourdough Culture, the definitive digital academy, and community, for bakers both new and skilled.

Follow along and learn at your own pace. Before long, you will be amazed at how you develop the intuition to read your starter, your dough, and your breads. And when in doubt? Ask us or your fellow Culturists!

You’re rediscovering a lost art. Don’t despair; enjoy every turn. Then see your appreciation for real food level up.

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Every last thing you need to bake your very first - or very best - sourdough loaf.
Includes lifetime access to our signature course
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 Master the art of sourdough baking. All in one online portal with categorized lessons, all the resources you need, and an exclusive community of fellow sourdough bakers.
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The first thing you need for sourdough baking, is to cultivate a sourdough starter. This FREE class teaches you just that!
Whether this is your first time experimenting with sourdough, or you need help with your starter, this free class teaches you everything you need to know! 
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Want to get started right away? Our dry starter flakes are easy to rehyderate, and will be reasy to use in as little as 3 days. 
$29.95 / 10g
Jar, Spatula and Instructions included