Dare I say, a lifestyle?

If you are not so familiar with the sourdough bread baking process, you may envision me standing all day over my starter and taking care of it. The reality is that baking sourdough and preparing clean, healthy food for your family does not have to take so much time. Yes, presently I am obsessed with sourdough, any bread or pastry I bake these days (sourdough apple pie anyone?) uses some of my precious starter (which is named “Chaos” by the way, a story for a different time). But over time and some trial and error I realized that it doesn’t have to take up much of your day baking these breads and goodies. Really, once you get into the rhythm, it becomes part of your routine.

Dare I say, a lifestyle?

My sourdough life consists of placing a starter, more or less a part of my family now, on my counter and feeding it a few hours before baking. To make things even easier for me and not have to worry about forgetting to feed my starter I enlist my kids to remind me about it every evening. To them, it’s a fun task to remember, they feel like they are part of the bread-baking experience. I learned that you don’t need to stress over schedule or timing as long as you know what to look out for, and when to feed your starter. You’ll end up having fun with the process, not seeing it as a chore you have to schedule your life around.

Below are some tips on how to help you ease into sourdough baking, how to make it become more of a lifestyle for you:

  • There’s a lot of resources out there, but don’t jump around trying to read through them all. Stick with one method and make it work for you.
  • Play around with it and try different sourdough products, the more you use your starter, the more at ease you will feel with it.
  • Teach someone else in your household how to feed a starter. This will put you at ease if you are ever not around and your starter needs to be fed (want to hire a sitter for your sourdough?).
  • Don’t overthink it, jump into it and do it.



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