Sourdough and The Gluten Misconception

sourdough Feb 25, 2019

Of the many questions I am asked about sourdough, the most common one is: Is sourdough gluten free? The short answer here is: NO. But there is a rather logical explanation to why people tend to think sourdough is gluten-free and it speaks to the very heart of the bread itself.

Sourdough bread is made with what is called a ‘starter,’ aka wild yeast. Quite unlike the yeast you are used to purchasing at the supermarket (called commercial yeast) the starter is formed by a process called fermentation. To create a sourdough starter - flour and water are mixed in a seven-to-ten day process which ferments the dough. This fermentation process leads to lots of health benefits and a rich and flavorful bread.

What happens during the fermentation process is that the phytic acid and gluten in the dough is broken down. This allows for Vitamin K, and other healthy minerals to flourish, making them more accessible for your body to absorb. Because majority of the gluten is broken down,...

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