Hey there! I'm Sarah Leitner.
A wife and mom to 3 adorable kids. I'm probably in my kitchen zesting limes or shaping sourdough breads. 

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I cook,

The kitchen has been my playground as far back as I can remember. Trying new flavors, textures and techniques are always on the menu in my kitchen. I am passionate about bold citrus flavors and fresh herbs and spices as highlighted on my Instagram

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I bake,

I discovered the benefits of sourdough bread along my continuous quest for nutritious and nourishing food. After researching the methods and teaching myself the mechanics, I created my own sourdough starter in 2014, and was instantly hooked. 

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and I teach.

Over the years I got to share my sourdough knowledge and baking methods with hundreds of students. The overwhelming demand to learn the trade and the lack of possibility to reach everyone in person gave birth to 'The Sourdough Institute'.

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"“Sarah is a self-taught master of her craft. Her understanding of baking and the the process of creating sourdough is truly impressive. It was an honor to have her teach me the art of sourdough.”"

Kim Kushner
Cookbook author

"I’ve always been wanting to try making sourdough breads. It never had the courage to actually start the process. I contacted Sarah and set up a workshop. She was so easy to work with and so easy going. She taught the group how to create artisan breads with confidence. We were taught the process from A-Z. Literally! All I can say is that I haven’t stopped making sourdough breads, bagels, donuts and way more! Thank you for making my world a much healthier place! "

Rissie Farkas

"I am so glad I took the course. I have baked bread, challa and crackers consistently ever since. They have all come out delicious and fluffy. We have not bought a single bread, roll, Challa or other baked goods since I started."


"I wanted to advance my baking game and saw numerous pictures of Spice and Zest’s beautiful bread loaves on various instagram pages. A friend encouraged me to take a class in May and I got so much more than just an instructional how to. Learning about health benefits of homemade starter and the purity of the flours ignited a rich curiosity that I didn’t even realize existed. You leave there knowing what tools to buy to ensure success and take home a bit of sourdough starter to feed at home. Once you take the class Sarah's is available to answer questions which really helped a lot during beginning hand holding stage! While I’m no expert, my family and friends have enjoyed Sarah's sourdough recipes and I continue to soak up this new knowledge and technique to better this craft. "

Ruthy Bodner

"Our shabbos has never been the same, since I took Sarah's course!! We luv sourdough around here! The taste, the simplicity of producing it, and the health benefits! Sarah's course has been fun and super knowledgeable! With her sweet personality, She simplifies every step, and makes u jump on2 the sourdough badwagon instantly! I've never missed a week without baking ever since! It's highly addictive! Highly reccomend her course!"


"Sarah’s course was foundational. It was so clear and taught so much that I was able to experiment with hydration levels and different flours and methods almost right away. My family loves the breads and other products that I make and I no longer Feel guilty serving bread and eggs for dinner."

Leah M.

"Sourdough was an enigma to me before Sarah came along. I would think I had some part of the concept right and then it would go ahead and seriously fail. I couldn’t even start a starter, it was that bad. No matter how many videos I watched or books I read it was not happening. Then Sarah shared her starter with me and slowly but surely helped me learn the method to make sourdough until I got to the point where I was making my own ratios and blends. Sourdough has become an incredible outlet for me and I love the opportunity to express myself through bread. Thank you Sarah for the patience and guidance that helped me get there! "

Shushy Turin

"Sarah’s class was informative, fun and so delicious. Her clear demonstration and teaching style make you feel competent and confident. Her style is fun and enjoyable making the class a pleasure to attend. The sourdough workshop helped me kickstart a lifestyle change that has enhanced my whole family's wellness. I highly recommend it! As a working mom/professional with limited time for extensive culinary projects, I consider sourdough the easiest part of my weekly cooking. I learned the secrets to making sourdough bread baking work according to my schedule due to the excellent tips and tricks that Sarah taught me. It makes me look like I have it all figured out when I present my beautiful loaves as hostess gifts or to add to a homemade meal that I serve to guests when I host company, little do they know how easy the process became once I had the knowledge to make sourdough work with my lifestyle and time constraints."

Avigail Weiss

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